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    West Africa: assistance to new exporters

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    Guinea Conakry - ADESAG Project: Counselling and support in the establishment of a fair-trade chain with organic label for Fonio

Experts in sustainable business do not do different things, they do things differently
They provide know-how and insight to enterprises, governments, public organisations and project promoters. They focus on works that enable systemic changes.
The team in Atelier Compétences Internationales of experts, researchers and developers, from multiple and complementary professional backgrounds, share a proven commitment to support entrepreneurship in an ever-changing and globalizing world. They:
INITIATE best practices in management, governance, key processes, access to markets and partnerships
STRENGHTEN the capacities of local projects stakeholders
IDENTIFY finance sources for funding projects
EXTEND operations and business activities on an international scale
5 essential qualities
Original methods
Innovation spirit